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Thank you for visiting www.alambik.com The following Terms of Use is a legal agreement between Alambik Ltd and you, an individual, an organization a corporation or an entity, which sates your legal rights and obligations with respect to Alambik Ltd., its suppliers and subsidiaries. Please read it carefully before browsing Alambik.com, downloading or ordering any of our products.

By using alambik.com or purchasing software and other products, you signify your irrevocable acceptance of these Terms of Use. You also agree to ensure that anyone who uses alambik.com or any of Alambik ltd software products on your computer also abides by these Terms of Use. Alambik Ltd, its suppliers and subsidiaries have the right to revise these Terms of Use at any time without giving prior notice. Your continued use of alambik.com shall be deemed irrevocable acceptance of those revisions.

We reserve the right to change, modify, suspend or discontinue all or part of alambik.com at any time. We may also restrict access to parts or the entire alambik.com without prior notice or liability.

Use of Materials

All materials published by Alambik Ltd on alambik.com (including, but not limited to computer software associated media such as scripts, text, images, illustrations, video and audio files, documents, etc.) are owned or controlled by Alambik Ltd, its suppliers and subsidiaries, or a third-party provider, and are protected by copyright laws and international copyright treaties.

The materials contained on alambik.com may not be copied, reproduced, uploaded or transmitted in any way unless specifically authorized by Alambik Ltd. except that you may download (1) one copy on a single computer for non-commercial, personal use only, provided that you keep all copyright, trademark and other intellectual property notices intact.

Installation and Use of The Alambik® Software Products

The Alambik® software products (such as but not limited to The Alambik® Viewer suite, Alambik® Viewer, Alambik® Viewer plug-in, Alambik® MC Player, Alambik® Editor Basic Core, Alambik® Editor ACE versions, Alambik® Exporters, Alambik® AVO libraries) include computer software, associated media, documents, both printed and electronic that are made available by download from alambik.com or on CD-ROM format are the patented (pending patent) and copyrighted work of Alambik Ltd and its suppliers.

Use of the Software is governed by the terms of the end user license agreement that accompanies or is included with each Software. You will not be able to download or install any software that is accompanied by or includes an end user license agreement unless you agree to the terms of such end user license agreement. If you do not agree to such terms, you will not be able to use the Software.

You shall not attempt to reverse-engineer, de-compile or take actions to disassemble the Software available on alambik.com.

Use of Materials

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Contact us / Copyright Alambik Limited 1994-2002
Alambik Limited - Registered office Epps building Bridge Road - Ashford, Kent TN23 1BB - UK