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picture Welcome / Introduction

1/4 - Welcome to the official website for Alambik - the open technology which places interactive multicontent media, or rich media, right within your grasp. Developed for a wide range of applications, Alambik® unleashes your creativity thanks to an unparalleled simplicity and low cost of use.

Alambik technology is based on MCNL, a breakthrough language which is to interactive audiovisual publishing what HTML is to interactive press publishing.

Similar in use to HTML, MCNL combines a complete set of text-based programming instructions with text-based audiovisual commands (video, audio, 2D, 3D, vectorial, etc.). These two conceptual worlds, once distinct, are united synergistically under Alambik within a simple, uniform programming environment, for scripting real-time audiovisual creations.

Alambik is fully complementary to HTML. Its audiovisual, interactive multicontent rounds out HTML content, enhancing the overall end-user experience in much the same way that radio and television round out - without replacing - the traditional press.

MCNL stands for Multi Content Natural Language - known also by its nickname, Alambik Script. This language was developed to provide an indispensable resource for producers of digital interactive content working on a wide variety of electronic media.

An already-established technology, Alambik Script has evolved to meet the needs of leading segments of the audiovisual industry over the last ten years. Only recently has it been introduced to the Internet, thanks to a porting of its real-time parser/interpreter to the Windows™ operating system.

Practically speaking, Alambik Script pulls together in a single package everything you've dreamed about in multicontent production.

Economically speaking
, Alambik offers unparalleled advantages to producers of digital interactive content :

First off, access is FREE, thanks to a freeware distribution of The Alambik Basic Core Production Pack. As Alambik runs on even the most basic PC gear, Producers or End-users with modest resources are by no means excluded.

Second, Alambik combines in one package all the production tools necessary for true multicontent / rich media development, replacing droves of more limited products with a single, multi-purpose solution.

This simplifies work and saves money each step of the way :

  • Purchase: Thanks to Alambik, it's no longer necessary to purchase several products to create true multicontent.
  • Learning: Because Alambik is a quick-learning, single-technology solution, training expenses are significantly reduced.
  • Resources: The expensive need to hire many different talents to undertake web development projects is done away with, since knowledge of Alambik Script is enough to satisfy the technical requirements of virtually any job.
  • Production: Alambik's uniform, multi-purpose scripting environment speeds up development time, significantly reducing production costs.
  • Finally: Because it's an all-in-one solution, Alambik boosts flexibility and reduces the price of maintaining and updating your projects.

All this comes in a robust package that is simple, fast, secure, open, modular, and scaled to evolve which technological developments into the future...

And let's not forget about interoperability...
Alambik Script lets you distribute your work to multiple platforms, over different kinds of networks, achieving a consistent presentation every time without the need to rewrite or port your project.

And, finally, did we mention speed ?
No technology can hold its own if it takes too long to download. Keeping pace with the latest developments, Alambik's authentic real-time capabilities virtually eliminate download waits, making transfers a breeze at even the lowest connection speeds (i.e., 56k modems).

Modem users there?
See for yourself with these few examples from the-demo.com :
[A winter Night] [In fly] [Jet trip] [Dice] [Summer desire]

NOTE: If you don't already have the Alambik® Viewer installed, clicking these links will suggest you to get it in minutes !

Contact us / Copyright Alambik Limited 1994-2002
Alambik Limited - Registered office Epps building Bridge Road - Ashford, Kent TN23 1BB - UK